The Red Hook Playhouse

Vibrant and meaningful arts and culture is central in a healthy community.

The playhouse is a classically inspired 300-seat theater, which would serve as a cultural anchor in the community. The proposed design and aesthetic of the playhouse beautifully flows with the architectural vocabulary of other Hudson Valley villages and cities.

Playhouses foster social and cultural transformation in small towns. The Red Hook playhouse would offer community-driven programming, workshops, and performances in music, dance, theater, film, comedy and more, representing Red Hook’s diverse and talented residents and their interests. Space for in-house drama and dance companies will further interweave and grow the arts in the community.

Like our other projects, the playhouse would be an accessible and inviting space across all social and economic groups, and an inter-generational space with a focus on children.

An anchor arts building in a community can ground the fabric of the community. With regularly scheduled events, it would attract and encourage residents and visitors to spend a day in town dining and shopping. It would boost the health of the local economy, educate and nourish our youth, engage and integrate family and friends, and inspire hometown pride.