Welcome to the Hook Trail

Hooking Northern Dutchess County and the community of Red Hook together through safe and scenic pedestrian and bicycle trails.
For nearly ten years, Greater Good has been working to bring beautifully conceived and planned trails to northern Dutchess County. We see how active some residents already are, and we hear from others how they would enjoy their community more if there were more safe trails with convenient access points. Some of these communities already have trails, and some have trails which must be driven to and do not allow for connectivity between existing trails or points of interest.

The Hook Trail will enable the Red Hook community to experience our part of the historic Hudson Valley region through the many miles of connected bicycle and pedestrian trails, some planned for the near future and others already established.

The most successful of our proposed trails is the Saw Kill Link Trail, which we designed for the local Red Hook community. Since 2010, Greater Good has been developing and helping to get this trail built, so that residents and visitors can enjoy a scenic and off-route option between the Village of Red Hook and Bard College. And we could use your help! Click here for volunteer and donation opportunities.


The proposed route of the Saw Kill Link includes private property wherein not all permissions have yet been granted.

Preview Trails

Below are types of pathways and connections possible in our area. Pathways would be wide enough for both pedestrian and bicycle traffic, separate from the roadway, and protected by a secure railing in high traffic areas.

Why Red Hook?

Red Hook is located in the northwest corner of Dutchess County, covering just over 40 square miles of the historic Hudson Valley. A distinct haven settled within an idyllic landscape of orchards and vegetable, dairy, sheep, cattle, poultry farms and so much more. Red Hook offers breathtaking landscapes, and a homegrown community feel fostered by the proud residents.

Being in a National Heritage Area enables collaboration between residents, government agencies, and other organizations to preserve the charm as well as the environmental and cultural character of the municipalities within its borders.

Red Hook has the potential to offer one of the finest walking and biking trails in Dutchess County and New York State. Within an eight-mile radius you can find:

  • Two National Register New York State Historic Hudson River Estates
  • Two villages and sixteen river scenic views and river access points
  • The Tivoli Bays Wildlife Management Area with four miles of hiking trails and two canoe launches

Photo: NY DEC

Photo: Scenic Hudson

  • The New York State Historic Scenic Landmark Trail of Poets Walk
  • A historic 19th century working farm and apple orchard
  • Bard College, situated on more than 500 acres along the Hudson River
  • World class modern and 19th century architecture, and scenic rural homes
  • Charming 19th century villages with restaurants, shops, galleries, and cafés
  • Acres and acres of scenic open fields, farm lands, and Hudson River views
And all of it can be seen easily by walking or bicycling . . . with the addition of safe and scenic trails.


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